Who are we?


“Life in Perspective” is an initiative created at the end of 2015: Its realisation is the result of the search for novel visualization methods which could be combined with 3D scientific data, so that scientists can have other ways to discover their own data. Led by scientists Stefan Günther and Gustavo de Medeiros, the search soon stumbled upon an unexpected artistic aspect: symmetries, shapes and colors can present scientific data in completely unique spectacular ways when combined with the right visualization techniques allowing nature’s hidden facets to be experienced in all dimensions. The artistic aspect motivated designer Manuela Beck in joining the team, providing artistic design, communication and curator support; ideas of trying out new visualization techniques and combining new approaches are also interesting aspects which brought scientist Joran Deschamps into the group. And very importantly, the initiative has continuously received support from many others, which helped providing scientific data, implementation support, scientific writing and more. This has made “Life in Perspective” an interesting center which attracts people from different expertises, allowing multidisciplinary work to make biological data combined with visual communication techniques an one of a kind experience for the public.


Core team


gustavoGustavo de Medeiros

So far my work has focused in toto live fluorescence microscopy and photomanipulation, from building and developing fluorescence microscopes to acquiring and processing large 3D image data. Together with Stefan, we decided one day to find novel ways to look at 3D biology data as it is, starting the initiative.


stefanStefan Günther

My scientific experience is theoretical physics, 3D bio-microscopy and data science. 3D image and data visualization is one of my essential tool to enable people to grasp fundamental principles in biology and to admire the aesthetics of life.



manuelaManuela Beck

As a graphic designer for EMBL and chair of the EMBL ARTS@EMBL group. It is a pleasure to be part of the project. I really do enjoy working across the disciplines science and art and supporting the branding and exposition concept for it. The exposition is building bridges.


joranJoran Deschamps

I work as a Ph.D. student on novel 3D methods in superresolved light microscopy and automation of microscopes. Along the years, I have also grown a strong interest in visual arts, in particular spray painting with stencils. I have joined the team as a designer and explore new media for data visualization.





Matthias Hentze
Implementation support
Alessandro Ciccarelli
Scientific imaging
Laura Panavaite
Scientific imaging
Sebastien Colin
Scientific imaging
Natalia Wesolowska
Scientific imaging
Jan Kosinski
Scientific imaging
Dimitri Kromm
Scientific imaging
Giorgia Guglielmi
Science writer
Margaux Phares
Science writer
Angela Michel
Science writer
Adam Gristwood
Science writer
Doros Panayi
Implementation & 3D print support
Claudiu Grozea
3D print support
Sonja Noss
Grant services
EMBL facilities
General support