The initiative


We take our present reality as a three-dimensional world. What seems to be something so trivial, lay actually the very foundations which motivated the creation of “Life in Perspective”: it is an initiative which attempts to explore innovative ways of presenting 3D biological data and discussing them, whilst preserving their scientific value and information. It started off at bringing together the visualization of 3D microscopy data with the utilization of special posters which can display them in their entire volume without the need for any special glasses or electricity. Now, the initiative also encompasses the use of other types of media, ranging from 3D plastic prints to stereoscopic videos, to help scientists visualize their own work in novel ways.

Beyond the scientific interest in the representation of biological data, nature’s hidden objects often lead to stunning images which could only be revealed by specific microscopy imaging: these are spectacular 3D representations of scientific work which provide valuable outreach potential. Furthermore, it lies between arts and science in a very special way, as it allows scientific data to be visualized through artistic lenses which bring colors and reinforces nuances of nature’s forms. This forms an effective and unique bridge between the two worlds, popularising visual communication and science to the public in a simpler and more direct way that welcomes the observation and discussion of life’s facets through different perspectives.

We currently working together with scientists to produce visualization of their work; we are also active in organizing exhibitions which encompass the offspring of these collaborations. As a consequence, we are always in search of finding new supporters and collaborators whose participation can make the initiative richer and multifaceted. Please contact us if you would like to become part of “Life in Perspective”.