Lenticular posters


What is a lenticular poster?

A lenticular print is a technique which allows many images to be shown on the same poster. This technique has been used extensively in the past and examples span from interactive postcards to public spaces decoration. The principle relies on the interlaced printing of different images (for instance different frames of a video or different point of view from the same scene) on which an array of micro-lenses is superimposed. This leads to the formation of different images depending on the position of the viewer.

The advances in printing technology as well as in the production of fine lenses allow the creation of the illusion of movement, depth, or a combination of both. For depth representation, the observer’s brain can be tricked in seeing depth in the represented sample via the print of images from different angle of the same object. Moving around the lenticular poster permits to explore the object in 3D.


What do we use lenticular posters for?

Life In Perspective aims at turning biological object from scientific research into art in their full 3D representation. Our main medium is lenticular posters. Once rendered and printed, objects that once were scientific samples become striking representation of nature hidden secrets.